Canada - the dream of the giant moose

Canada - the dream of the giant moose

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Accompany the two hunters Jan and Gunther hunting in the Mc Kenzie Mountains in the Northwest Territories of Canada. Get close to the action when Jan culls a record-breaking bull moose with an incredible 170cm antlers. Get useful tips on a call hunt for the rutting moose and see how a moose bull is called from a distance of 2km to 30 meters.

This film gives you great information on the way of life and hunting moose and caribou.

Join in with the killing of two strong caribou bulls and enjoy the beautiful scenes in the wilderness of Canada. A film that is not only suitable for preparing for a hunting trip to Canada, but at the same time sparks you interest for this beautiful country. This film was awarded first prize in 2009 at the Film Competition "Hunting and Nature Film" at the "Jagd und Hund" fair.

Format 16: 9

Running time: 50 min

Language: German




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